Woodfired Pizza is First Grade

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There’s no dish that brings people together quite like pizza. It’s not just the rich tasty sauce, or the gooey melted cheese or even your favourite toppings layered above it all. It’s the feeling of your mouth watering when the lid is first lifted, it’s the satisfaction of taking a bite on Origin night and your favourite player just scored a try, the feeling of celebrating with friends and having eight slices to share and it’s the feeling of coming home too tired to cook but knowing you have just brought home a box of deliciousness that is guaranteed to make the whole family happy.

Our pizza chefs strive to capture that feeling with every wood fired pizza made here at the Dolphins. Our new range of First and Reserve Grade pizzas are a combination of Italian and Australian classics partnered with creative flavours from across the globe. Each pizza is imbued with a unique smoky flavour that can only be achieved through our wood firing process. The next time you come to watch the footy, need a bite to eat over a few drinks, or have tribe of small mouths to feed pop into the club, our Pizza Chefs will be glad to make you something tasty.