Halloween Spooktacular coming to Dolphins

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Dress up and join the party at our Halloween Spooktacular taking place on Friday 26th October.

We have a massive line up of entertainment, from the Super Raffles Second Chance Draw, free meals for children and roaming entertainment in Bistro Forty20, a best dressed competition and live performance by 3AM the Matchbox Twenty Tribute Band in Legends. Tricks and treats are just the beginning at our Halloween Spooktacular!

Did You Know?

  • The Halloween tradition can trace its roots as far back as the ancient pagan Celts and may even have an origin in the Roman Empire. Famously celebrated in the Celtic world as Samhain (pronounced “sow-win”) it was an evening that celebrated the end of the Northern European Summer.
  • In Ireland and Scotland people would often dress as demons, animals and fairies in an attempt to disguise themselves from evil spirits looking to do them harm. These costumes were often accompanied by a hollowed out turnip, and later pumpkins, filled with lit coal or a candle to ward off and frighten evil spirits.
  • The word Halloween dates back to 1745 and is a Scottish contraction of All Hallows Eve, the night before the Christian feast. The popularity of Halloween spread globally in the 19th century as Irish and Scottish migrants settled throughout the Americas, Europe and Australia.