Brett-Man Sighted at Dolphins

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Redcliffe (RLN) – An unidentified person, believe to be a staff member at the Redcliffe Leagues Club has made claims that he sighted the Brett-Man on the field of Dolphin Stadium.

In a statement made Thursday, a spokesperson for the Redcliffe Leagues Club said “At this stage, we’re conducting our own internal investigation and until that concludes we will have little to say on the matter.” After a brief pause, he continued his statement “But the Brett-Man? Really? At this stage the Easter Bunny would be more believable.”

All previous sightings of the Brett-Man have proven to be false with stories of his legend describing a ‘man in a black suit who delivers raffle prizes of great value’.

When asked to confirm that the Club would be giving away Raffle Prizes on Friday Night he responded “I can confirm that, but we have no affiliation with the ‘so-called’ mythical Brett-Man.”

At this stage, the only way to corroborate the witness’ claim is to be at the Redcliffe Leagues Club on Friday Night to see if the Brett-Man makes an appearance.