Blooming Good Menu Coming Soon!

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A new menu has bloomed in Bistro Forty20 this Spring. As we emerge from the chill of winter and prepare to get outside and active in the fresh spring air, Chef Scott Patten and his team are creating a delicious new menu. Using fresh seasonal ingredients the catering team have poured their creativity into new seafood dishes, salads, a brand new signature Spare Ribs dish and a new range of decadent desserts. The team have also worked hard on creating a flavourful vegan and vegetarian range which includes a filling Stuffed Zucchini combining a great colourful variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices.

“We’ve expanded our vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate more of our members. We want everyone who visits the restaurant to be able to enjoy a meal and leave satisfied, wanting to come back,” said Scott.

Since taking on the role of Executive Chef in 2017, Scott’s focus has always been excellent quality in all of his dishes. This is especially true in the ample choice of spring lamb dishes.

“Lamb is an Australian staple in spring and the team is really passionate about bringing out the best flavours possible when preparing our lamb dishes. With a great supply of quality Australian lamb it is hard to go wrong when choosing dishes for the menu that not only taste amazing but also provide amazing value to our members”Scott, Executive Chef

Our top picks this Spring for you to try are the incredibly flavoursome Pork Belly Spare Ribs, the team’s new signature dish. Don’t miss the Double Lamb Cutlets served with a mint glaze and for those of you with a sweet tooth, you simply must not miss the new Tim Tam and Bailey’s Charlotte. There really is something for everyone this month, so why not head into Bistro Forty20 and taste it for yourself.

Bistro Forty20 is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.