Club History

The 1960’s were described as a ‘coming of age’ decade for the Redcliffe District Rugby League Football Club and as they looked towards the 1970’s the priority was to set up a licensed club trading 10am to 10pm seven days a week.

The clubhouse had a nice bar area already established, but to meet the requirements of the liquor laws in relation to licensed premises, alterations had to be carried out firstly to meet those pressures and later in the decade to accommodate the growth in membership of the club.

Redcliffe Leagues Club History

As a revenue raiser and from a social point of view, it met the criteria of its charter: “To foster Rugby League and for its members to enjoy a convivial meeting place where a common bond may be enjoyed.”

As the years went by and the popularity of Rugby League grew in Redcliffe, the Leagues Club continued to grow as well. The success of the Dolphins on the football field has been mirrored by the success of the Leagues Club in the community.

Today, Redcliffe Leagues Club is one of Queensland’s premier licensed clubs boasting 30,000 members and 200 staff.